Welcome to my creative world

I am a creative soul. I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings and I always have a new idea or solution at hand. My life is a journey. I’m constantly transforming and defining myself. Exploring a variety of genres, new mediums and forms of expressions. The delicate balance between perfectionism and spontaneity has always excited me. My personality is always in conflict between these two contradicting poles and this is reflected in most of my art and designs. Creativity is my drug, my passion and my outlet. Whether I’m creating an identity for your company, painting or working in my woodshop, it brings me to life. My work is my hobby and passion.

My innocence - Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Oil painting is my soul. My oil paintings are my perfection space. I have a clear idea of the result and every little detail is controlled and perfected.

I paint with oil because I like control and details. I get so caught up in my oil paintings, that time, people and the world outside, seems to vanish.

I love graphic design in every way

There’s a certain satisfaction that can hardly be compared to anything else, when you create a new design, especially when you know that it really drives your ability to new heights. I put great energy in each project to make it even better than the last. I will never be content with where I am, and will always strive to create something new and better.

Design is my life and I simply can’t imagine doing anything else. Explore my work here >>

Design by nature

I was on a hunt for a clothes rack for our home, but came home empty handed after hours of disappointment.
When I later went for a walk in the woods near our house, I got inspired by nature’s own designs and went home to make my first prototype.
I love the way wood transforms over time and I only work with recycled wood or wood from the forest floor.